The Diabetes Cookbook – 250 Diabetic Friendly Recipes

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Dear Friend,

Do you know that 65% of diabetics in America die from heart disease, heart attacks, and strokes due to poor diets EVERY year?


AND the risk of heart disease death and stroke are TWICE as high in people with type 2 diabetes…

But the TRUTH is that you can prevent it by following a healthy Diabetic diet.

If you’re serious about taking control of your blood sugar and a complete health transformation while eating your favorite foods…

I invite you to read this page.

Living with diabetes is NOT easy… Cooking with diabetes can be even harder!

But now, with The Diabetes Cookbook, I’m going to reveal to you my PROVEN healthy diabetes-friendly recipes that helped me to permanently normalize my blood sugar levels naturally.


low carb 30 minute meals


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The Diabetes Cookbook brings you 250+ quick, healthy and delicious diabetes-friendly recipes for people living with type 2 diabetes and their families.

These recipes are designed to lower blood sugar, burn fat, and get you lean.

Every recipe is low fat, carb controlled, sodium conscious, and backed by the latest diabetes nutrition research.

Grab this healthy cookbook today and take control of managing your type 2 diabetes.

What’s Included in the Cookbook

  • Over 250 quick, easy-to-make, and delicious diabetic friendly recipes that cover everything from breakfast, lunch, and dinner to between-meal snacks.

  • Diabetic meal plans for 1400, 1600, 1800, 2000, or 2500 daily calories, centered around the recipes in this book, that guarantee a healthy, balanced diet.

  • Guidelines per serving chart for each recipe, covering glycemic index (GI), calories, saturated fat, and sodium—the four key dietary areas for diabetics.

  • Full nutritional information for every recipe, including carb counts.

  • Color photos throughout, along with tips and easy to follow directions.

  • Quick exchanges and conversions already done for you.

  • Plus, you’ll have everything you need to lose those few extra pounds, too – good eating comes with benefits!

Who Am I?

Hi! I’m Angela Drew. As a registered dietitian, healthy cooking expert, and a busy mother of two, I favor recipes that are easy to prepare that meet my Diabetic diet needs. I’ve invested years in perfecting these healthy and delicious diabetes-friendly meals, and I thought The Diabetes Cookbook would be a perfect way to share my recipes with you. Get your copy today and start enjoying every meal and every moment of your life.

Here’s a Sneak Peek of Recipes Inside…

The Diabetes Cookbook is FILLED with simple recipes you can cook, using ingredients you can easily find at your local grocery store. Each recipe includes a FULL ingredients list and the directions.

carrot and ginger soupBreakfast BurritoBlack Beans and RiceKeto Lava CakePrawn Cocktail Lettuce CupsAvocado Green Smoothie

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The Benefits of This Simple Cookbook Are Amazing

Countless people around the world living with type 2 diabetes have Turned to the “DIABETIC DIET” in order to regain their health, energy, vitality and weight loss goals. And NOW with The Diabetes Cookbook you can,

  • Reduce Blood Sugar Levels

  • Be Lighter and Thinner

  • Reduce Hunger Cravings

  • Lower Blood Pressure

  • Boost Your Metabolism

  • Reduce Inflammation

  • Prevent Complications

  • Be Healthier, Happier and Fitter

Tens of thousands of diabetics have gotten results, and even reversed their type 2 diabetes.

NOW it’s your chance to normalize your blood sugar levels and take FULL control while losing a few extra pounds.

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As a special one-time offer for anyone who buys on this page RIGHT NOW, I’ll give you 7 powerful diabetes guides absolutely free that take your results to the NEXT level.

They’ll allow you to hit the ground running and TRANSFORM your body and mind to thrive on the Diabetic diet that can help reverse your type 2 diabetes.

Bonus #1:

Diabetes Shopping Guide

While this step-by-step guide is mainly intended for people with diabetes or their families, it is a healthy eating guide suitable for everyone. It is important for us all to be aware of different types of foods and how much of them we eat. This booklet is intended to be a practical guide to help you follow a healthy lifestyle.

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Bonus #2:

101 Diabetic Weight Loss Recipes

Keep tight control of diabetes while you lose weight with these low-carb 101 diabetes-friendly weight loss recipes. Whether you’re looking for delicious dinners, desserts, or snacks, these recipes will meet your diabetic meal plan and help you reach your ideal weight. All recipes feature full nutrition information, as well as diabetic meal exchanges.

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Bonus #3:

Diabetic Food Exchange Lists

It is necessary to measure food carefully in a diabetic exchange diet. The diabetic exchange divides foods into 6 specific groups, and measures food per serving size. Each exchange list contains foods that are alike; each food choice on a list contains about the same amount of carbohydrate, protein, fat, and calories as the other choices on that list.

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Bonus #4:

Top 20 Superfoods for Diabetes

Here’s a list of 20 diabetic “Superfoods” that most doctors won’t tell you which simply should become part of your daily regime. There are certain foods that provide huge health benefits for people with diabetes. They are often known as “diabetes superfoods”. Include these nutrition superstars in your diabetes diet to lower blood sugar, burn fat, reduce inflammation, and gain more health benefits.

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Bonus #5:

Beating Type 2 Diabetes

Learn everything you need to know to prevent and reverse type 2 diabetes. You’ll find a detailed, easy-to-follow program for reversing diabetes by eating a healthy diet, exercising regularly, and reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. If you are living with diabetes, this invaluable 283-page guide offers in-depth explanations of the recommended lifestyle changes that can help you manage the disease, stressing the importance of rigorous testing and control of your blood sugar to avoid complications.

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Bonus #6:

150 Easy Diabetic Desserts

Having diabetes doesn’t mean you have to give up desserts. Find over 150 simple, healthy and delicious, diabetic dessert recipes including diabetes-friendly cakes, chocolates, cookies, pies, smoothies and shakes recipes. All of these recipes are full of flavor and absolutely delicious that anyone with a sweet tooth can relish, while keeping their blood sugar levels under control.

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Bonus #7:

50 Diabetes Myths And Facts

Not everything you hear about diabetes is true. There are many myths about diabetes which can lead to greater stigma, hurt and most significantly, misunderstanding and misdiagnosis. It is important to get the facts, so you can make good decisions to better manage your diabetes. Uncover the top 50 myths that can ruin your life and the 50 diabetes truths that can save it.

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What Others Are Saying…

Take a Look at Some of the SUCCESS Stories From People Around the World, Who Have Purchased “The Diabetes Cookbook Package” and Are Enjoying the BENEFITS!

“At 46, I’ve finally found a diabetes cookbook that works for me – and these recipes are incredibly easy to follow and stick to. Beef Broth, Apricot Crumble, Ground Pork with Green Beans, Chicken Tostada with Avocado Salsa, are few of my favorite recipes. I was able to normalize my blood sugar to 103 over the past 4 weeks compared to the 160 I was at before. I highly recommend this book!” ~ Rikki T -San Francisco, CA review

“I knew that in order to control my blood sugar, I was going to have to create my own meals more. And thankfully, that has happened with The Diabetes Cookbook! My morning numbers have gone from the 160’s to the 120’s, I have managed to lose 30 pounds and I’ve been able to get my A1C down to 6.5. With the help of The Diabetes Cookbook, I am thrilled to have found how to eat my way back to health.” ~ Suzanne G -Louisville, KY review

“Love it!!? This fabulous cookbook is loaded with many easy to prepare recipes with beautiful pictures. I’m able to add, delete and personalize my meal plan so that it fits my schedule and taste. I have been eating this way for over 3 months now and have lost close to 15 pounds. At last, I have now been able to keep my A1C at a 7. My husband is a picky eater, but he’s enjoying the dishes too.” ~ Jesse M -Albany, NY review

“I found The Diabetes Cookbook to be an excellent resource for managing Type 2 diabetes. This cookbook looks to the total health of the individual and acknowledges that a healthy diabetic diet is not only restricting carbohydrates but includes eating in a manner conducive to weight control and a healthy heart. I’m down 55 pounds and blood sugar down from 300 range to between 75 and 120!” ~ Judith K -Dallas, TX review

“My fasting lab results are great, and my doctor is very pleased that I found a plan that makes a great difference for me. My last A1C was 5.7 and I have changed from wearing sizes 10-12 to wearing sizes 4-6! Eating healthy and following the invaluable information from this cookbook package, I continue to be healthier and stronger than I have been in years.” ~ Dennis P -Nevada, LV review

Armed With Over 500 Diabetic Recipes (When You Include the Bonuses) You Will NEVER Have to Eat a Boring Meal Ever Again!

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  • 150 Easy Diabetic Desserts

  • 50 Diabetes Myths And Facts

Look, I’ll level with you. As a registered dietitian with over 15 years of experience, I didn’t write this eBook collection to get on talk shows and become a millionaire. I wrote The Diabetes Cookbook because I wanted to help people just like YOU!

I DON’T want to see you suffering from fatal heart attacks, strokes, amputation, and nerve damage. I want to see you free of diabetes, happy, and FULL of energy!

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2. Get The Diabetes Cookbook, watch your blood sugar readings drop day by day while enjoying hundreds of great-tasting meals and start reversing your type 2 diabetes RIGHT AWAY!

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Besides this low price, I also back you with a robust and straightforward 100% satisfaction guarantee. I know The Diabetes Cookbook isn’t like anything else you’ve ever tried and If you get it TODAY, I promise you will receive over 500 of the most delicious, tried-and-true diabetic friendly recipes you’ve ever tasted. If you don’t experience these results, simply send a refund request within 60 days, and I will give you a full refund.

Let’s Move Forward Together…

You know The Diabetes Cookbook represents freedom.

It represents a NEW way of thinking about food that most of the population never has to worry about.

It gives you back a BIG part of your life that you’ve had to struggle with every time you think about food.

The Diabetes Cookbook is so much more than “Just a cookbook.”

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AND, of course, because everything is designed with taste and flavor in mind, you’ll even be able to treat yourself like you haven’t been able to in years!

Thanks to these healthy diabetic-friendly recipes, I’ve been able to change my life completely.

woman feeling happy

I’ve become leaner, fitter, happier, and healthier than I’ve ever been, and I GUARANTEE it can do the same for you and your family!

It doesn’t matter whether you’re getting started with the Diabetic diet or you are already on a Diabetic diet.

These recipes WILL change your life.

DON’T worry about the diets that have failed you and let you down in the past — they were nothing like this incredible source of nutritional changes necessary to reverse type 2 diabetes.

I hope you choose to INVEST in your health and happiness by buying this cookbook!

I promise you these recipes give you the peace of mind and comfort they’ve given me.

Get started today and regain your health, your happiness, and your life…

You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by this offer.

Enjoy your NEW life!

Angela Drew

Angela Drew MS, RD, LD, CDE

Frequently Asked Questions:

How will I receive my cookbook collection?

Immediately after your purchase, you’ll be taken to a page, where you can directly download the PDF files. You will also receive an email containing your download. You will need the free Acrobat Reader program to read the cookbook. If you don’t already have the program on your computer, tablet, or phone to open PDF files, you can get a free copy of the Acrobat program now by going here.

Why is The Diabetes Cookbook not available as a hardcover?

Because The Diabetes Cookbook is over 350 pages with beautiful color recipe photos. It would cost over $250 to make into a hardcover! That’s really expensive and I wanted to make sure everyone can afford and enjoy this fantastic cookbook. So, I decided to publish it as an easy-access eBook instead. Electronic form makes it especially easy when cooking in the kitchen because you can view the recipes on your tablet or phone without having to print or carry a huge cookbook.

I’m new to the Diabetic diet. Is The Diabetes Cookbook right for me?

Absolutely! We will take you through it step by step with our easy to follow Meal Plans and Diabetes-friendly recipes. You can start eating healthy meals and snacks right away with our easy-to-prepare-recipes. The Bonus guides I have included in the package will take you through all the information you need to know before getting started on your new Diabetic Diet.

Can I lose weight with The Diabetic diet?

While Weight loss is only one of the major benefits of switching to the Diabetic diet, improving the overall health is the goal. People have reported balanced glucose levels, lower cholesterol, decrease in food cravings, and more energy among the many other benefits of following the Diabetic diet.

I have health problems. Is the Diabetic diet okay for me?

While I’ve seen fantastic health benefits from people living with Type 2 diabetes maintaining a Diabetic diet, I recommend you consult with your health care provider before drastically changing your diet. Find a doctor who is familiar with the Diabetic diet and will support you in your new lifestyle.